Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Update on Edmonton Grapes

Photo of the same St. Croix cluster as the picture from September 9th.

Tested the St. Croix for brix today spectrum range
was from 11-16 so I'm estimating a over all Brix of about 14.
That is about double since last week.

Update -
September 20th, St. Croix brix 16, Joffre brix 19
September 22nd, St. Croix brix 17, Joffre brix 20
September 24, St. Croix brix 17
September 25, St. Croix brix 18 and the Joffre is 22 brix.

We are suppose to get another week of good weather then a freeze on September 25th. Will check them next Tuesday or what ever the last day is before the freeze.