Friday, June 25, 2010

Edmonton Grapes Starting to Bloom

We've had a week af warm weather, 20-25c day time highs in Edmonton, and this has brought the flowers out. The St. Croix is the first to bloom and is only starting at about 20-30 percent of flowers blooming. Timing is about the same as last year which was June 27th. The Edelweise looks like it will be a few more days before we see some action.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Edmonton Spring 2010 - St. Croix & Edelwiese

This past winter had some particularly cold periods with temperatures dropping to -41 in mid December. I had expected greater damage on the St. Croix and Edelweise than what we are seeing this spring. However, this past winter we took the canes down and layed them on the ground. No cover on top of them except the snow.

We had nice warm weather in April and early May that brough the buds out a bit ahead of what I believe would be normal (May 15-20th) but then we got hit with some late spring cooling. We even had snow last week and I had to cover the vines.

The warmth has come back a bit this week and this is the third year for these vines and the St. Croix is doing excellent and has sent out shouts with multiple flower clusters on nearly every bud. On many of the nodes both primary and secondary buds have sent out shoots and both have nice flower clusters - I've heard that this variety can be over fruitful. Here are the pictures of the St. Croix taken today. We have 6 St. Croix vines here, 4 are well situated in a sunny location and 2 are partially shaded. What is interesting is that the buds on the vines that are shaded are significantly less fruitful. Plant these vines in the best sun location you have. Here is a picture of one of the St. Croix vines tacked up to the fence again followed by a picture of the emerging flower cluster.

The Edelweise is also doing well and has got flower cluster on it as well. Again we lay the canes on the ground now and this seems to be enough winter protection for these varieties here. Here is a picture of the Edelwiese and flower cluster emerging.