Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Edmonton Grapes September 19, 2011

We had a touch of frost on the grass in the backyard a few days ago but the long term forecast looks good until the end of September.  If the weather holds we should get a small crop of St. Croix and few clusters from the Acadie Blanc.

This is an update from the early September 2011 blog.  As of Sept 19th, the St. Croix has ripened to approximately 15 Brix and the seeds are turning brown.  The target is 18-19 brix.  The juice taste is noticeably less astringent and acidic.  What is interesting is that with 1 cluster per shoot, all the basal clusters are ripening at about the same speed but last year (see link to 2010) when we kept 2 - 3 clusters per shoot that wasn't the case.  Last year there was noticeable differences in basal clusters ripening at different times.  Here is a picture of one of the St. Croix clusters below,
The Acadie is also ripening up nice and has a brix of 15 as well.  The berries are noticeably soft and are becoming translucent.  Not many berries left on the clusters as I've been taking a 5 berry sample at each test.  Acadie Blanc can easily be picked at 17-18 brix.