Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Edmonton Grapes early summer 2012

The spring and early summer were slightly above normal temperature wise and the grapes have a few days head start than normal.  The St. Croix flowered between June 30th and July 10th, the earlier days noted as a result of these vines being closer to the house.  They receive reflected light off the siding and everything growing in this area comes up a little earlier.  The St. Croix has set clusters alright with a few sporadic clusters here and there.  As of July 17th this is how they the best of them are looking see picture below;
The Marechal Joffre also set a few clusters this year.  This goes to show how mild the winter was as usually this vine dies back to the ground.  The Joffre flowered on July 5th and see the fruit quite well, see picture below;

Over the past two weeks I've been pinching the tips on the Joffre as the length of the canes is already 5 feet.  Interesting though is that some of the laterals that have since grown have small flower clusters on them.  I'm going to leave a few and see what happens with them.  See picture below;