Sunday, October 7, 2012

Edmonton Grapes - Best Year Yet

St. Croix September 4th
By September 4th and the St. Croix was looking the best it ever has (see picture above).  All clusters are turning colour by now and those that are furthest ahead are looking great.  We are about 10 - 14 days ahead of normal, but given the weather so far that makes sense.  To date we have nearly 800 degree days of heat in Edmonton with month to go.  The usual heat accumulation for the year is between 750 and 800 degree days.

St. Croix at harvest on Oct 4th

We harvested the grapes on October 4th so we had about 145 frost free days.  We took in about 30lbs of grapes and they are quite nice.  The Brix is 19 and the PH 2.9 (not optimal but ok), and the juice tastes quite nice.  (See photo above).

The Acadie came in at an amazing 21 brix, excellent for Edmonton, and the Joffre was also 21 brix.  looking for alot more fruit on the acadie next year.