Friday, November 30, 2012

St. Croix wine from Edmonton Alberta grapes

We had a great year for grapes in the backyard in Edmonton, Alberta.  The St. Croix in particular ripened very well and we had approximately 30lbs of grapes from our 4 vines and 24 feet of trellis.  We under cropped the vines a bit and while the canes were at somewhat longer than in the past they were still easy to manage an tie to expose the fruit.

The grapes were flowering between the 1st and 10th of July and started veraison mid August which is about 2 weeks early.  As a result we picked the grapes the first week of October and had approximately 18 brix and 1.2 TA. 

We wine was bottled and we obtained 14 complete bottles that we cork sealed.  A few days later we chilled and opened one of the corked bottles and this is what it is described as.  Pyrope Garnet red in colour, strong fruit aromas of pear, plum, and currants with a similar flavour profile (no pear) which is carried with the residual sugar and with slight taste reminiscent of wood or maybe tobacco (but not like it was oaked), slight acidity which is also well balanced to the residual sugar and there is a mineral finish. 

ALCOHOL 12%, PH 3.3, T.A. 1.0, RS 1%.  It is a nice wine.  Even nicer that is comes from grapes grown in Edmonton.