Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cool weather but Edmonton Grapes Flowering Early 2013

It has not been a warm spring leading into summer.  May was normal and June has been below normal but we've also experienced alot of cloud cover.  The Joffre in Edmonton is doing phenomenally well this year.  Came through the winter virtually unscathed by the -35c cold we had, nearly full bud survival also.  Probably 80% survival rate.  Every bud has between 2 and 3 clusters and even the secondary buds that have come from the same point as primary buds still carry 2 cluster per shoot.  In the picture below you can see the primary bud/cane with 2 larger flower clusters on it and from the same location the secondary bud/cane with 2 smaller flower clusters. See picture below;

What is amazing is that they are showing the first signs of flowering as of June 24th.  This is about 1 week earlier than normal and given the cool weather, probably more like 10 days earlier. See more Joffre photo below.

As of today the St. Croix was also showing the first signs of flowering, again about 5 days early.
I think that after 5 winter and going into the 6th growing season, these vines are stronger more mature and this has an effect on the winter survival rates and the earlier movement to flowering.  Will probably have a similar early effect on ripening of the grapes.