Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Grape Press from Musca Wines

At our test vineyard we have so many varieties but don't produce a huge amount of grapes from any one variety except Leon Millot.  Often we'll only produce 11 litres of wine from the small batches.  Problem is we have a #45 grape press and it is really too big for small batches of grapes.

This year we have purchased a new grape press from Musca Wines Ltd.  .  Musca is based in Ottawa, Ontario and offers a complete source of wine making supplies including wine presses. Their prices are the best I could find on the internet, their service fantastic, and they will deliver across Canada.  My new #25 press, cost only $286 (including delivery to Edmonton) and arrived in about 5 days.  if you need wine making supplies it is worth your while to contact them.