Monday, October 14, 2013

Leon Millot Crush and Pess 2013

The Leon Millot fro the vineyard in BC were nice this year and after crush the juice was 21 brix and 3.2 ph.  Nice parameters for making wine.  One thing that is great about this grape is the juice is very highly coloured and after 3 days fermentation on the skin I pressed the must and the wine colour is very dark already.  The new wine press from Musca wine supplies worked great.

We're going for a lighter fruity wine this year as part of the experiment of growing the grapes is also experimenting with styles of wine that the grapes can make.  The

Edmonton Grapes Another Good Year 2013

Despite the cooler summer, abundant rain and all the hail we still ended up with 37lbs of St. Croix from the vines in the back yard in Edmonton (Approx 20' of trellis).  They are not as ripe as last year but we were planning for a rose' from early on so we didn't need the grapes as ripe as last year.  Also, last year was an exceptional year for heat and the vines were slightly under-cropped so we were able ripen then to nice levels for red wine. As we picked them and again before crushing we removed the grapes that had been destroyed by hail.

So we have about 11 ltrs of juice for the St. Croix rose.  The juice is 15 brix and ph 2.8 and this variety has good varietal flavour already at this level.  So, I'll chaptalize to 17-18 brix to get a light 9-9.5% A/Vol wine when its all done and use 71B yeast to help reduce some of the acid as well will conduct as a cold stabilization to precipitate more acid.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Evangeline Grape

We've have the Evangeline growing for a few years now and this year we got to see how it performed.

This grape is a cross between Seigerrebe and St. Pepin.  It was created in Canada in Nova Scotia and it is as early as Seigerrebe, has the beautiful muscat flavouring but is cold tolerant to about -31c and has some disease resistance to both powdery mildew and downey mildew.

It is very  vigorous grower and put up huge canes this year on our vines.  The clusters are long and loose and the berries are the biggest of all the varieties we grow - about double the diameter of Marechal Foch.

This variety is the latest to break bud and to flower but among the earliest to ripen.  This year it flowered on July 3-4th and we picked them about 65 days later on September 8th at 18 brix and 2.9ph (see it pictured here on Sept 8th).  Had to take them before the wasps did.  We left a few bunches on the vines and the wasps didn't find them and on October 5th we recorded 21-22 brix and 3.3 ph.

This grape is fantastic, it is already growing (not commercially) in Nova Scotia and should be considered for marginal growing areas like Vancouver Island, south interior BC (West Kootenays) and (East Kootenays) especially where cold winters, short seasons, and late spring frosts are an issue.

Great Grape Harvest for 2013

We had a great year for growing this year and despite the 8 week drought in late September to mid-September the vines did great.  We had about 1030 C degree days growing. 

They have had 5 full growing seasons in the soil now and must have good roots, especially in the Ravat 34 and Leon Millot that have been around the longest.

The wasps were the biggest factor in Harvest and they took virtually all the Lucy Kuhlman and Colmar Precoce Noir.  These are among the earliest grapes we have.  However, the Evangeline (KW96-2) is really early and we picked it on September 8th at 18brix and 2.9ph as we did not have enough wasp netting to cover them.  They are among the the latest to bud out and the latest to flower and the earliest to harvest with giant juicy bunches of grapes.  We left a few Evangeline bunches in hopes that the wasps would miss those and then we could see the numbers at full ripeness.

Some of the numbers we got this year harvested Oct 5 as follows;
Variety                                          Brix             PH
Leon Millot                                    22               3.2
Ravat 34                                         18               3.0
Acadie Blanc                                  19               3.0
Petite Milo                                      22               3.1
Evangeline                                      21               3.3 
Castel                                              22               n/a
Foch                                                21               n/a
Triompe                                          21               n/a