Monday, October 14, 2013

Edmonton Grapes Another Good Year 2013

Despite the cooler summer, abundant rain and all the hail we still ended up with 37lbs of St. Croix from the vines in the back yard in Edmonton (Approx 20' of trellis).  They are not as ripe as last year but we were planning for a rose' from early on so we didn't need the grapes as ripe as last year.  Also, last year was an exceptional year for heat and the vines were slightly under-cropped so we were able ripen then to nice levels for red wine. As we picked them and again before crushing we removed the grapes that had been destroyed by hail.

So we have about 11 ltrs of juice for the St. Croix rose.  The juice is 15 brix and ph 2.8 and this variety has good varietal flavour already at this level.  So, I'll chaptalize to 17-18 brix to get a light 9-9.5% A/Vol wine when its all done and use 71B yeast to help reduce some of the acid as well will conduct as a cold stabilization to precipitate more acid.