Friday, January 10, 2014

2013 St. Croix rose' from Edmonton - very nice

So here is the quick notes on the 2013 St. Croix.  The grapes were primarily from those grown in Edmonton but we supplemented them with a little from the Vineyard in BC were we also have some St. Croix growing. 

The grapes from Edmonton didn't nearly ripen to the levels we saw in 2012 but we had both a cooler summer, with lots of hail (lost a lot of the crop) and we cropped them to a higher level than in 2012 so the ripening was not as quick.  In the end, the average brix was 16 and the acid was approximately 1.4 when harvested.

We added sugar to bring the brix in the tank to 18.5 and fermented till dryness.  (See earlier blog about the yeast and fermentation temps/times etc).  The finished wine was cold stabilized and 2 brix sugar added to sweeten and balance the acidity which was is approximately 1.1-1.2 post fermentation.

The wine has a orangy-pink colour, like padparasha sapphire.  The aroma out of the bottle and in the glass is strong fruit, pear, and honeydew melon.  The flavour is also ripe melon with some ripe apple blend, and a hint of strawberry.  It is very drinkable now after only a few months and in multiple tastings it has received very good reviews and
I am quite happy with it. 

The St. Croix grape has proven itself now over the past three years in the Edmonton see 2011 year, see 2012 year, producing nice fruity red wine in the warmer years (see 2012 St. Croix wine) to a very nice rose' in the cooler years or in planned larger cropping situations. 

St. Croix could be grown commercially in the Edmonton area (its is widely grown in the Quebec wine industry and north United States wine industry) which is pretty good considering Edmonton is 53.5 north latitude.  It is very easy to grow and disease resistant and doesn't need to be against a south facing wall to ripen here.