Thursday, July 24, 2014

Edmonton Grapes Looking Great - July 2014

It has been cool this summer so far in Edmonton, have not even thought about turning on the air conditioner.  That is the benchmark that gives me an idea what the summer has been like.  While it has been cooler, the grapes are comming along nice and there hasnt been the hail like last summer.
One thing we have been battling this year is more leaf hoppers than in the past, and they were really bad at the beginning of the summer but have tapered off now somewhat.  Perhaps the spiders and other preditor insects are catching up to them.
In any case the Evangeline looks exceptional with big long loos clusters forming see below;

We have alot of Joffre this year as well despite the winter cold. I think the vine gets stronger as it gets more mature, but we didnt over crop it and we had a long fall and lots of time for the vine to shut down before the winter last fall and that always helps. Joffre below;

The acadie is also looking really good, but you can see from the pictures, the leaf hoppers really liked the leaves in the early spring.  Right beside the acadie is St. Croix and the leaf hoppers didnt really go to that vine at all.  Acadie below;