Monday, June 8, 2015

Fast Growth for Spring 2015

In April I wrote about how warm the winter had been and later how early the vines had budded out this year.  Well that trend continues and I'd say we are forsure a week ahead of normal and could even see flowering in a few weeks perhaps as early as June 20-25th for some varieties.

We had hardly any precipitation since the end of April and the soil had been really dry but we just got about 4 inches of rain this past week and that has helped.  The addition of the drip irrigation system is helping alot and if this year ends up being the hot and dry year its predicted to be then it should help alot.

The Marechal Foch looks fantastic with 2-3 clusters on each shoot and virtually no die back on the canes.  Marquette is the same and is really impressing me this year - I think as it goes into its third year and giveen the soil ammendments provided in past 2 years, this vine is really responding well.  Like the Foch pretty much 2 clusters per shoot.  Both these are stand outs this year after the winter we had.  Lucy Kuhlman surprised me as well and like Marquette is responding to the soil ammendment and survived the winter well (given the harsh freeze/thaw cycles we had). All the whites look great and the Vandal Cliche is impressive for 3 year vines.
See the Marechal Foch photo
See the Marquette Photo

The Ravat 34 is looking excellent AGAIN - can not say enough about this grape. photo below

Huge Evangeline clusters

L'Acadie Blanc is also looking well; 2-3 clusters per shoot