Monday, February 8, 2016

Arrow Lakes White for 2015

We've bottled up the 2015 Arrow Lakes White.  We used the same blending ratios as last year with 70% Evangeline and 30% L'Acadie Blanc.  Both grapes ripened wonderfully in 2015 with the Evangeline at 22 Brix 3.3ph and the L'Acadie ripening to 21 Brix 3.0ph. This is the third year we've been able to make this blend and its nice to see a similar flavour/aroma profile with tropical fruit aroma and flavours  repeating year over year.

Evangeline is very much like Gewurztraminer and has that muscat lineage as it is a cross between Seigerrebe and St. Pepin.  This gives the Evangeline the tropical fruit flavours and aromas.  Evangeline grapes below,

The L'Acadie adds crispness and the usual hints of pear the are found in L'Acadie are elevated with the Evangeline but the citrus side of L'Acadie is still evident even at the 30% ratio.  L'Acadie grapes below;