Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Grape Harvest 2016

Grape Harvest 2016
So it has been an interesting year for growing and the weather has been unusual in both that overall it was a warm year with about 1050 degree days growing celcius (+10c) over 150 frost free days and with a really early spring.  For us a really early spring is bud break 3-5 days early and this year we had about 7-10 days early for some varieties. Growth was good at the start and reds and some whites were flowering the first and second week of June in warm dry weather and had good fruit set. Some of the whites on the other hand flowered about a week later in cool wet weather and we had poor fruit set especially on the L’Acadie Blanc. We did experience some limited powdery mildew continuing on into early July and this had a minor affect on fruit set on some varieties as well.

So we picked the grapes on Oct 1st and we had some decent numbers this year.
Reds                                                 Brix
Marechal Foch                                  20
Leon Millot                                       22
Castel                                                 23
Lucy Kuhlman                                  22
Triompe D’Alsace                             18
Colmar Precoce Noir                       22
Marquette                                         21
St. Croix                16                                                                   
Regent                                               16
Pinot Noir                                         18
Zweigelt                                            16

Marechal Foch (top) and Leon Millot (bottom) photo

Evangeline                                          22
L’Acadie Blanc                                   21
Petite Milo                                          23
Seyval Blanc                                       22
Ravat 34                                              18
Seigerrebe                                          19
Sovereign Ruby                                  18
Vandal Cliche                                     20

Siegerrebe photo