Friday, August 29, 2014

Edmonton Grapes Ripening Aug 2014

Has not been the warmest summer this year in Edmonton, in fact hardly had the air conditioner on at all but that has not stopped the grapes from ripening on time if not a bit earlier than usual.  The joffre started to turn color the first week in august and has sugars as of August 29th of about 15 brix.  The Baltica started to turn just after and by the same date has a brix of 12 (it is more shaded than any of the varieties).  The Evangeline is great and the berries are soft and have nice varietal character and are at brix of 14 as of August 29.  The St Croix is just starting to turn which is about 3-5 days earlier than usual.  Here are the photos.

Joffre (can see the leaf hopper damage to the leaves,...also on the St. Croix)


Evangeline (big clusters)

St. Croix

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Arrow Lakes Vineyard grape update Aug 2

So we are about a month since flowering and the fruit set was better on some varieties than others and the month of July was very hot averaging about 21.3c which is the hottest July we have recorded.  We have also had very little rain only recording about 2cm since the first week of July so the berries are not growing as big as they should.  Unfortunately there is not rain in sight for the next 2 weeks.  More and more we are leaning towards irrigation as we have consistently recorded a dry spell each summer from about the 2nd week of July until early September and this is when the grapes need the moisture to put on the weight and for proper development.

In any event the grapes are comming along and each season presents its challenges.  here are photos of some of the varieties as of August 2nd.
Ravat 34
 Castel (thin)
 Leon Millot
 Petite Millot