Friday, March 6, 2015

Really Warm Winter 2014/2015

So we have had a great winter in terms of temperature. The table below shows how warm it has been.

Winter Average

Coldest Temperature so far was -19c in November.

So based on these temperatures we should have decent bud survival.  We'll check on this towards the end of March.

The biggest threat to the bud survival has been the freezing and thawing that comes with the warmeer winter temperatures.  When the temperature warms up the vines and buds can come out of dormancy and loose the natural protection against the cold when it gets cold again.

Some varieties are more suseptable to the swings in winter temperature.  That is, when it warms up a bit they are quicker to come out of dormancy.  We wont know until bud break if there is any damage from the freeze thaw action, but in past, warm winter years we have had some damage and others hardly any.

There are lots of variables at play including the condition of the vines at dormancy, the nutrient levels, water levels.