Sunday, October 14, 2018

Harvest Is Done

We took the grapes in early October in beautiful weather if not perfect for harvest. Main observations were that the sugar levels were a bit lower than usual, and this was due to the cool September that didnt allow the grapes to ripen as much as normal. We also had alot of wasp damage on the Foch. That was not unexpected as this summer seemed to be especially bad for wasps.

The other issue was that we had some rot on some of the Ravat 34. The Ravat 34 has a tendancy to split if it is subject to alot of rain at the end of the season. Well this September we had about 100 mm of rain which fell over 20 of the 30 days of the month.  It was the the most wet, and one of the coolest Septembers we have recorded. Great conditions for rot but because we got so much rain, many of the grapes split open and that is when the rot took hold. So unfortunately we had to leave alot of fruit behind. Rain is usually not a big factor for us in this way as we have very sandy soil and the rain drains through quick. But this year it was the amount and duration of rains that impacted.

Here are the numbers that came in. Grape type and brix;

Leon Millot / 21
Ravat 34 / 18
Foch / 20
Evangeline / 21
Triompe D’Alsace / 20
L’Acadie Blanc / 21
Colmar Precose Noir / 21
Petite Milo / 20
Lucy Kuhlman / 21
Seyval Blanc / 21
Castel / 21
Vandal Cliché / 20
Marquette / 20
Sovereign Ruby / 21
St. Croix / 18
Cayuga / 17 (1st yr)
Pinot Noir / 19