Friday, August 23, 2013

Grapes Starting to Turn Colour August 18th

Here is Leon Millot on August 18th showing the berries are just at the front end of starting to turn colour.  This photo is from my neighbors yard, who also have Millot growing.  Unless we were to get an early frost this is excellent as in a normal year we'd have another 40-50 days of the growing season left. Can only hope.
We've been really struggling for rain this year.  We''ve only had about 1.5 inches of water since the first week of July, however, its raining today and looks like we're in for at least an inch over the next few days.  Been smoking hot also, and will likely have a 20.5c or 21c average for August - again about as hot as we've ever had it. If we get a normal September/October were in line for 1000-1100 degree days growing.  The vines are showing a lot of water stress, so a few inches is in order forsure.  

Grapes Comming Along Well August 2/13

We had a great month for heat in July average about 20.5 degrees making it about the hottest July in 6 years of recording.  The grapes are really doing well and have filled out, some are moving to bunch closure but are being held back by the lack of moisture.

Here is Leon Millot

Here is Ravat 34