Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 Vintage: Red, White, and Rose'

We had a good year for the grapes in BC and from them produced three wines this year.  We have a red Leon Millot varietal, a blended white, and a St. Croix rose'.

The wines are young and have been cold stabilised and cleared but they will have to cellar for some time to mature.  Out of the carboy they were all nice, however, the St. Croix rose' needs about 6 months of cellar time but can be drank early.  The Leon Millot needs about a year in the cellar, and our trade mark "Arrow Lakes White" blend needs about 1-2 years.

In a months we'll open the St. Croix rose' and a month later the Millot, then the white after to see how they are developing.