Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Great Spring Growth 2018

It would appear that environment Canada was right on the money with their long term weather prediction for early summer heat. It was cold and snowy right up until the end of April, and then we had about 2 weeks of spring temperatures and lots of melting, and then some great heat that brought on bud break and that continued into early June.

So normally we would have good growth, possibly we would have between 5 to 7 leaves of growth in normal years. We are around 7 leaves in most varieties and some like Castel and Foch are already starting to flower. Others like Acadia Blanc and Seyval are slower and around 5 leaves of growth. So we are on target if not a week+ ahead of normal as we usually flower the last week of June.

Foch, Evangeline both look good and as usual Ravat 34 is great. Hoping for some heat for the next 2 weeks for good conditions during flowering. Here is what they look like now;
Marechal Foch


Triompe D'Alsace

Ravat 34