Sunday, July 19, 2015

Arrow Lakes Vineyard Grape Update mid-July 2015

Just a quick update to show where things are this year. Again, its been a hot year so far, and dry, we are way ahead of normal (2 weeks forsure) and the Ravat 34 and Marechal Foch look excellent and should average about 1-1.5 lb per trellis foot.  Evangeline and L'Acadie Blanc looks good also, but we will have to net in early August this year, usually we do this at the end of August - early September.
Here is a few Pictures

Ravat 34
 Ravat 34 canopy (4 arm kniffen with good light exposure)
 Marechal Foch (approaching bunch closure)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Grapes Way Ahead in 2015

We have had way more heat this year than normal in both May and June this year.  Normal average for May and June is 12.5c and 15.5 respectively.  This year we have had 14c and 18.5c respectively.  As such the grapes as of July 4th are way ahead and already pea size (compare the pictures below to last year at July 1st  link here .  Hear are some pictures from this year;
Marechal Foch

Petite Milo