Monday, February 2, 2015

Arrow Lakes wine - Kuhlman Blend 2014

Ok so we uncorked the first bottle of Kuhlman Blend from the 2014 vintage. We call it the Kuhlman blend as it combines Leon Millot at 65%, Triompe D'lsace at 15%, and Marechal Foch and Castel at 10% each.  The wine is approximately 12.5 - 13% A/Vol with ph of 3.3.
Leon Millot, Triompe, and Marechal Foch are all hybrids developed by Eugene Kuhlman in France - hence the name.  All the Kuhlman varieties blend well and have similarities although as varietals there are distinct differences.  The Kuhlman varieties generally have cherry and plum flavours.  The addition of the Castel gives the wine a complex earthy quality and some added tannin.
This wine blend is excellent and very gamay like (but a very little bit fruitier and in general a bit  more complex - really depends on the gamay you compare it with) and the colour is garnet red.  It is still a bit acidic but is very drinkable now.  It will be excellent in a year as the acid subsides and the subtle flavours and earthiness become more pronounced and the time laps will likely tone back and balance off the fruit forward nature.

We had very limited skin contact this year as we wanted more light fruity mid-weight wine so we only had 2 days of skin contact.  The result was lower colour, less tannin, less astringency, but higher fruit flavour dominating.  Very slightly off balance in that regard and if I could turn back time would have gone with 4-5 days skin contact for a perfect wine.