Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mid Summer Update - Aug 5th

So I took these pictures on August 5th to show how the grapes are coming along.  The reds really are doing quite well so far this year and its because they flowered before the heavy rain hit in mid June.  The whites are not doing as well with Ravat 34 and Petite Milo doing the best of the bunch and L'Acadie and Evangeline equally poor in fruit set this year.  Petite Milo and Ravat 34 did pretty good but again they were flowering earlier with the reds and not during the rains. There were just a few red grapes just starting to show colour on Aug 5th but most were close to bunch closure and as of Aug 12th many more are starting to turn colour on the earliest varieties like Colmar, Castel, and Leon Millot.
Leon Millot Aug 5th

Lucy Kuhlman Aug 5th
 Triompe D'Alsace Aug 5th