Thursday, October 1, 2015

Evangeline (KW96-2) Grape

Just a quick update on this great grape.  Again its real name is KW96-2 but we will call it Evangeline until it gets officially named.  This vine gets stronger each year and produced heavier than I had expected this year.  Clusters can be 8-10 inches long and loose and some weight easily in the 200-300 gram range.

This grape is a cross of St. Pepin and Seigerrebe - early ripening, hardy to -30c, some good mildew resistance.  We harvested at 22 brix and 3.5 ph, almost too late.  Could have picked it 2 weeks earlier at about 20 brix and 3.1 ph. Created in Nova Scotia by Dr. Andrew Jamieson - thank you Dr. Jamieson!