Friday, April 1, 2016

Prepping for the New Vines

We are planting 2000 row feet of vines this year, mostly Marechal Foch with some Leon Millot and we spent the last few days staking out the rows and plots for the vines.  Of course if the piece of land we were working on was a perfect square then it would be really easy to measure the row distances from the edge and plot each accordingly - but that's not the case.

Not only is the piece of land odd shaped, (or rather the area that we are planting on is odd shaped) the rows are also at an angle to the property line.  Amazing how the geometry that I though I'd never use after high school comes back when you have to triangulate point to point distances.

In preparing the land we worked it in the year before and again now in the spring so its as free of weeds etc as we can get it.  What we also do is auger a planting hole for each vine about 3 feet deep as this allows for an easy conduit for the vine tap root to get deep into the ground.When the vines come its easy to get them into the ground and we'll add a stake for them to grow up on.  We'll then add the irrigation lines shortly after they are planted.