Thursday, May 5, 2016

Bud Break 2016 2-3 Weeks Early

Since weve been growing grapes at Arrow Lakes Vineyard the bud break usually happens 14-21 days into May.  So what happens is the earliest varieties are at full leaf stage (about 75% of the buds) and the later varieties are a few days if now nearly a week behind.  For instance Petite Milo is always the first to bud out and get to full leaf stage, Castel, Foch and Marquette are next followed by Vandal Cliche, Leon Millot, Ravat 34, Acadie Blanc, Evangeline and Triompe D'Alsace - in pretty much that order.

This year as of April 30th, several of the vines are at full leaf stage including Petite Milo, Foch and Marquette.  Castel is mostly there and Leon Millot not far behind,  The Ravat 34 are not yet with full leaf open and the same goes for Acadie Blanc.  The Evangeline and Triompe are the latest to get going and ironically both about the earliest to ripen - both these varieties are great for short seasons with the potential of late frosts.

The other good news is the vines are super healthy, best every for bud and cane survival.  For the main red varieites we have bud survival is probablt 95 % on Foch, Marquette and St. Croix and 85-90% for Castel and Leon Millot.  Bud survival on Ravat, Acadie, Petite Milot and Evangeline are all 85-90%.  Foresure the mild winter is a key here but so is the fertilizer that we've been providing the vines the past few years and in particular the irrigation supplied last year in conjunction to these things.

Acadie Blanc