Monday, June 13, 2016

Earliest Grape Bloom Ever in 2016

So we were way ahead at the beginning of May with bud break 2-3 weeks early and that trend has carried on through to grape flowering bloom.  Our grapes usually bloom sometime between the last week of June to the first week of July with two years exceptions being as early as the 20th of June and then as late as July 11th.

This year we are blooming between June 7th and 15th.  As of the 11th all varieites except Ravat 34, Seyval Blanc, Evangeline and L'Acadie Blanc are at least 75% in bloom.  These last four (all white grapes) are just starting to bloom.

Here are some of the varieties;
Leon Millot - dependable, could crop this one a little higher
Marechal Foch - dependable
Castel - finally taking off with the right combination of nutrients, water, and crop load
L'Acadie Blanc - 2 x 125grm avg) clusters per shoot
Evangeline - huge producer, 2 x150grm avg) clusters per shoot