Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Harvest 2023

We had a great year this year with great production and grape quality. We started harvest 1st week of September with whites and finished with reds on the 30th

The Foch came in at 21-22 brix, the Leon Millot at 22-23 brix - overall great numbers and quality that goes hand in hand with the warmest growing season weve ever had.

St. Croix was a stand out in experimental part of the vineyard comming in at 19.5 brix (usually 17-18 brix) and and 1.5-2 lb per foot of trellis and large juicy grapes (each grape 2× diameter of Marechal Foch) with absolutely no sign of fungus or rot in a year when pretty much all the others varieties showed some impact on these. If we had another 10 days in a normal season this would be a nice grape to grow.

St. Croix below.

Other than that some of brix on the reds came in as follows for harvest of Sept 30 (unless otherwise noted below). Note that we received 1.5 inches of rain on Sept 28 which swelled the grapes, splitting some and also had a very small impact on brix.

Marechal Foch 21.5 

Leon Millot 23 

Castel 25 (Sept 19)

Triompe 22

Lucy Kulhman 22

Marechal Joffre 21

Colmar Precose Noir 24

L'Acadie 22.5 (Sep 19)

Evangeline 19.5 (Sept 7)

Ravat 34 18 (Sept 19)

Petite Milo 22 (Sept 19)

Vandal Cliche 18 (Sept 19)

Foch below...