Sunday, June 18, 2023

The Baby Vines are Getting Big

We propegate our own vines from the existing vines in the vineyard. It takes a bit longer than ordering vines in from suppliers but kinda nice to know that all the vines come from the same plants. We also got stiffed by a supplier that went out of business after we provided our payment..which set us back a year. We blogged about the propegation a few years ago. See the links below...

I am Groot - growing baby grape vines

Baby vines ready to plant

There is another reason as well. The vines we grow have this amazing 12-18 inch root system that means they dont need much watering off the start compared to ones purchased that may have 6 inche roots.

This next section that we are filling in is a 2 acre piece and we have a small section left to plant. What you see here are more of the Marechal Foch vines starting thier 2nd year with the old vineyard in the distance. 

Weve got great soil here but its light and prone to erosion so we seed the white clover between every second row is starting to take hold as well. This will help build and maintain the soil and chokes out other weeds. We rotate to the opposite rows after 3-4 years.