Monday, June 12, 2023

Winter - Spring - Summer in a Month

Never seen a start to the year like this one. Mid April we still had snow on the ground. Come May 1st we were about 7-10 days behind and the buds were barely hitting scale crack on some varieties. Come May 21, we were a week ahead and bud break occured in the 2 week period from May 1 to may 15.

Come June 10th we are in full bloom, about 2.5 weeks ahead of normal and the earliest bloom we've ever had. Previously, the earliest bloom was June 15/16 and iflook back to last year we were 8-10 days late in bloom which occured around July 8/9.

Here is the snow on April 10

And here is the grapes flowering June 10 , L'Acadie and Foch (bottom)