Sunday, August 30, 2009


Photo: Typically sunny summer day

In the summer we get great sun at this location with few clouds during the day and sometimes a late afternoon thundershower. Call me crazy but the sun seems to be really intense up here. Does elevation affect sunlight intensity that much at 2000 feet?

But, we are missing a few hours of morning sun and part of the vineyard is missing some evening sun because of trees to the east and north west of the vineyard.

It is obvious that the vines growing in the area that gets the morning and evening shade are not as vigorous as those in areas with more sun.

There is also a massive tree that is too big for me to cut down and it creates a moving shade spot in the south west quadrant of the vineyard as the sun moves across the sky.

We also have a large hillside to the west and that cuts the evening sunlight off at about 7-8pm in mid summer. Nothing we can do about that.

Will take the trees down in the fall or get a tractor in to clear the land where the trees are.